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Early signs of foundation problems


Cracks on walls

Cracks on the walls might or might not be a sign of foundation problems, these appear as a result of soil movements, even though these can indicate the foundation might be failing, some cracks can be only seasonal. The direction of the crack can help an experienced contractor evaluate it's cause. The direction can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or diagonal step. If your house has a crack that get's bigger with the time, take action. Foundation problems only get worst with the time.


Uneven doors and windows.

All windows and doors should open with ease. If you notice some of them are sticking (won’t open or close easily), particularly if they are concentrated in certain parts of the house, it’s definitely a sign you should follow up on to avoid major issues.


Sloping floors

A sloped floor sometimes can be easy to miss, especially if the slope is not very steep. If you have a hardwood or tile floor, you can use a marble or a tennis ball to help determine whether your floor is sloping. You should not be concerned if it’s a very slight slope, but if you can feel a definite slope while you walk, then you should have an expert check it out before it worsens.


Leaning or tilting chimney

If your chimney is leaning or tilting away from the house, you need to take action as soon as possible, this should be repaired immediately as it presents an immediate hazard. In the worst case scenario the chimney could collapse and fall down. We recommend to keep everyone away from the chimney, including pets, until repairs are made.

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Foundation problems only get worse with the time, taking action now can save you money and stress.

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