There are three types of house foundations. You can think of them in terms of how

deep/low the foundation goes, the lowest being the basement, followed by

slab-on-grad, and finally the crawl space (foundation being just a few feet above



Built with footings beneath the region’s frost depth on a 4-inch concrete slab, a basement creates an underground area that can be used for storage, a mechanical room, or a finished living space. Because it is underground, the basement is more vulnerable to moisture problems that may need waterproofing. In many cases, it is necessary to use a sump pump to remove accumulated water common in basements. Out of the 3 types of foundations, this is the most expensive to build.

Common in the South where the climate is mild, concrete is poured to create a slab on grade level. The concrete slab cost is generally the least expensive compared with other types of foundations. The time frame for installation is shorter as well. However, compared to a basement an crawlspace, slab-on-grade foundations are the most

difficult when it comes to repairing sewer pipes and water lines because of their location underneath the slab.




When the house is elevated a few feet above ground, this type of foundation is called a crawl space. The problem with open crawlspaces is that, being exposed to outside elements, they are highly susceptible to mold and moisture. The excess moisture can cause the framing to rot and structure to fail. You do have the ability to deal with the moisture issue by closing up

the crawl space and installing a vapor barrier.