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Causes of foundation problems



When you have large trees around your house, the roots  can potentially cause foundation problems. Essentially, the trees need water to grow so they draw moisture from the soil and, as stated before, low moisture content in the soil will cause this to contract and eventually lead to foundation movements. Large trees, have very large roots so if you plant these too close to your home, the roots may become large enough to go underneath the house foundation leading



When there is movement in the soil, it is very common to find broken water and sewer pipes. Broken pipes will cause the surrounding area to be saturated with water. Because these pipes are buried underneath the foundation, the only ways to get to it is by breaking the slab at the location of the plumbing leak or by tunneling through the side of the house. Either way, it is advisable to hire a licensed plumber. Substandard work can cause you more headaches later on.


Expansive Clay Soils

Even though expansive soils cause enormous amounts of damage, most of our clients have never heard of them and those that have do not fully understand the magnitude of the issue. This is because the damage from expansive soil occurs slowly over time and cannot be easily attributed to a specific event. The damage from expansive soils is often attributed to poor construction practices or the common misconception that all buildings experience this type of damage as they age.

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