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At iFix Construction, we specialize in identifying foundation problems from the roots to provide long-lasting stability for your home. Our approach is grounded in thorough investigation and discovery, ensuring accurate problem identification and effective solutions. We believe in addressing the underlying causes rather than offering quick fixes that may result in recurring issues.

Choose your pricing plan

  • SolidGuard Basic

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly foundation check-up
    • Elevation monitoring
    • Report and recommendations
    • 5% Discount on any repair
  • SolidGuard Advanced

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly foundation check-up
    • Elevation monit
    • Report and recommendationsoring
    • Drainage evaluation (if applicable)
    • Sprinkler system check-up
    • 10% Discount on any repair or additional service
  • Best Value

    SolidGuard Ultimate

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly foundation check-up
    • Elevation monitoring
    • Report and recommendations
    • Sprinkler system check-up
    • Drainage evaluation
    • 1 Free plumbing inspection per year
    • Up to $250.00 on any repairs
    • Priority scheduling
    • 15% Discount on any repair and additional services

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why ifix

Why this is the best choice for your home:

Do you have historic records of your home foundation? If yes, we can immediately assess the need for any work by analyzing the recorded elevations. This analysis allows us to identify major movement and visible signs of foundation issues promptly. By leveraging the existing data, we can swiftly determine the necessary steps for resolution.

If you don't have historical records, we recommend joining one of our maintenance plans. These plans provide monthly check-ups, allowing us to perform comprehensive evaluations of your home foundation. Through regular elevation check-ups, we can accurately identify the underlying problems affecting your house and address them definitively. Our meticulous approach ensures that we don't overlook any potential issues.

Foundation repair is not a magical process that provides immediate solutions. It requires a background of investigation and discovery to understand the root causes of the problem fully. By focusing on this comprehensive approach, we ensure that your home's stability is restored effectively and that recurring problems are minimized.

The difference with iFix Construction lies in our commitment to providing a sustainable solution tailored to your specific needs. We believe that underpinning may not always be necessary for every foundation issue. Our experienced team carefully assesses each case to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective repair methods, avoiding unnecessary interventions whenever possible.

Choose iFix for:

Thought-out Investigation and assesment

We go beyond surface-level assessments, ensuring a deep understanding of your foundation's condition.

Accurate Problem Identification

Our experts analyze historical records or conduct regular check-ups to identify underlying issues accurately.

Effective Long-lasting Solutions

By addressing problems from the roots, we provide stable and enduring foundation repairs.

Cost Savings

We offer cost-effective repair options, avoiding unnecessary underpinning and focusing on targeted solutions.

Expertise and experience

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in foundation repair, ensuring high-quality workmanship.

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