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Why Foundation Repair Is Common for the DFW area, Texas.

Foundation failure is a very costly and significant problem all on its own. However, you can

make it easier and less expensive for yourself if you get foundation repair services sooner than later.

North Texas is well-known for having various foundation issues, and there are plenty of

foundation repair companies available to assist. It's best to work with the foundation repair experts at iFix Construction. We understand why Texas has many foundation problems and offer suitable solutions to your issue.

Dallas-Fort Worth best foundation repair requires us to identify the situation and look for signs

of foundation problems. This includes checking the doors and looking for cracks in the concrete. There might be large gaps, but you may find other factors that contribute.

Schedule a consultation today so that we can visit your home, check its foundation, and get the work completed promptly. If you're not quite ready, let's figure out what damages foundations in the Dallas area so that you're prepared for anything!

Reasons for Foundation Problems

Do you have foundation problems in North Texas? It's prevalent for homeowners in the area, and we can help you figure out the issue and fix it for you with our foundation repair services.

The reasons why Texas has many foundation problems include:

Poor Soil Compaction

Before the foundation is laid, the earth beneath must be prepared correctly. The soil type matters because low-density or soft soils can cause problems to the structure later. The foundation might sink under the weight of the home if the soil isn't compacted properly.

Generally, foundation repair is likely at some point, and it's better to do it sooner so that your house doesn't tilt or show cracks and other issues.

Large Tree Roots

Large tree roots could adversely affect the building's foundation, too. Certain tree roots creep under homes and damage the concrete slab or lift the foundation too much.

It's best to choose trees that don't feature an invasive root. Generally, you require taproot trees, such as walnut trees, oak, hickory, and conifers.

Part of your foundation repair needs might include removing trees from the property that have

invasive root systems. Otherwise, the work completed might have to be done again later.

Plumbing Leaks

A plumbing leak could go unnoticed for weeks or months. Most homes in DFW, TX, have a

failing concrete foundation because of an unknown leak. Therefore, it's crucial to check for them periodically. Look at your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and fittings to prevent significant and

expensive foundation issues.

The first step here is to track leaks by reading the water meter. Average US households use about 10,000 gallons of water each month, and about 10 percent of that is wasted because of plumbing problems.

Check your water meter for leaks by:

  •  Turning off the faucets outside and inside the home

  •  Checking flow indicators. This is a small rotating wheel directly on the meter that detects small water flow amounts. If it moves when the faucets are turned off, there's a leak in the house. Consider calling us for help.

  •  Checking the sewer line. We recommend that you inspect the sewer lines every two to four years to avoid foundation repair needs later.

No Proper Drainage System

When a house is built, it requires a solid foundation. Generally, foundation construction isn't the best in TX, which leads to many foundation problems.

Improper drainage is the top cause of failure here. Poor drainage leaves your home vulnerable to many financial, safety, and health concerns.

The slab foundation, primarily used in Texas, is affected significantly by moisture, and flooding

is also a concern. Some issues caused by too much water can include:

  •  Sticking windows and doors

  •  Dangerous loss of stability in the foundation

  •  Cracks in exterior surfaces and interior walls

  •  Soil erosion and damage to the landscape

  •  Premature aging or discoloration of exterior brick and concrete

If you notice any of these issues, you're likely to need foundation repair. At IFix Construction,

we understand what to do and make sure to fix the problem with the right solution.

Problems with the Climate and Soil

In North Texas, the climate and soil can significantly contribute to your foundation issue. Clay

soil is the worst type to build on because it shrinks when dry. Alternatively, wet soil swells.

This drastic change creates pressure on the foundation, leading to foundation movement.

In many cases, homeowners require foundation repair because of the dry conditions or wet soil. We offer many solutions to your foundation problem.

Overall, foundation repairs include many different processes, and our company knows what to

do and when. In fact, our technicians are knowledgeable about all foundation concerns and are committed to helping you!

Dry Weather

Dry weather contributes to soil changes because the soil contracts and causes cracks to develop. There isn't much you can do because DFW has a higher concentration of clay.

Pressure occurs on the concrete slab, which settles each time the clay soil brings moisture back. Though house settling is normal and small cracks aren't a concern for most homeowners, it's important to pay attention to changes in the drywall, windows, and door jams to determine if you require an expert for foundation repair.

Wet Weather

Likewise, wet weather can adversely affect the soil, though it does so differently. When too

much water pools around the foundation, ground saturation can cause the water to find other

channels below the concrete slab. When the soil compacts, the grading and elevation of the home are changed, which causes it to lose support. Minor variations in the wrong places could negatively impact the property and should be dealt with quickly.

Prevention is possible. Installing the right drainage system could benefit you if you see wet areas around the foundation. This channels the water to the street and away from the home. Simple fixes like this are an excellent insurance policy against severe problems that might develop later.

Choose iFix Construction as Your Foundation Repair Company

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