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Why Tunneling is Actually Better for Foundation Repair

You may have seen in it in quite a few of our videos now; dark and narrow tunnels stretching like honeycombs underneath entire homes, the likes of which John Rambo would be proud of. It is quite likely that you may have seen this and have wondered ‘Is this actually more efficient for foundation repair than just breaking the slab at the very location where the piers will be installed?’

And while at first it definitely sounds a heck of a lot easier to just break the slab, dig straight down, push the piers and repair the slab, today we would like to explain why tunneling from the side of the house and digging tons of dirt until we reach the spots where the piers will be placed is actually a much better idea and the ideal process for foundation repair.

For starters, I think that the first reason has already crossed your mind: simply put, tunneling allows us to deal with your foundation issues without disturbing, or at least without disturbing as much, the day-to-day lives of the homeowners while the repairing process is ongoing.

But what is exactly foundation tunneling? This is a method where foundation repair professionals will dig a tunnel underneath the home in order to gain access to the foundation without the need of cutting through concrete slabs and flooring.

You can imagine how bothersome it is to have a hole (or more likely, a bunch of holes) inside your home. This is specially the case if you have small children or elderly people at home. Not to mention the dust that will be floating around your living areas and the fact that the workers would have to be entering your residency at all times and the inconveniences this might bring, like noise and lack of privacy.

Given that tunneling is a less invasive form of foundation repair, its is quite suitable for homeowners and foundation repairs experts alike. And while some might be thinking ‘Ok, this definitely has its benefits, but surely given all the dirt that has to be digged out and then put back into place after the job is done and the time this takes, it surely will be a much more expensive endeavor, won’t it? Well, that’s the thing that many find the more surprising; the fact is, it isn’t. 

On top of that you have to remember that this method allows day-to-day life to continue on as normal. No need to move out, no need for flooring repairs once the job is done and definitely no extensive cleaning of the interiors. 

Another huge benefit that tunneling provides when undergoing foundation repair is that this method  gives us direct access to your plumbing system. If there are any leaks or any other plumbing issues they can easily be accessed and fixed. Regardless if the foundation damage was brought upon by this issues or not this provides a perfect opportunity to detect and deal with any problem, existing or potential. Remember that if any plumbing work is required your foundation repair company can always help you by coordinating with plumbing companies for jobs which will utilize tunneling.

One other thing that sometimes slips the mind of homeowners is that landscaping and drainage systems are deeply related and can have a great impact on foundations. With improper landscaping or adequate drainage water wont move away from your home easily and this can potentially cause damage to the foundation.

So another benefit of tunneling, is that it can be paired with landscaping and drainage solutions that can be of huge benefit for your foundation; keeping it dry, safe and damage-proof.

Now you know why tunneling is so popular given the huge benefits it provides to both homeowners and the foundation repair companies alike. So in case you need your foundation repaired, or you suspect there might be some damage, or you only want to make sure and run a routine inspection, make sure to call us to check your foundation. Remember that in the Dallas Forth-Worth metroplex  (and beyond) there is no one better at what we do, than iFix!


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