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IFIX REBOOTED and the lingering question if Hollywood has a monopoly on that word.

‘What is my voice? Or how can I best describe my voice?’ These were the first two questions that arouse as I was preparing to start writing these blog posts. But let me go back a little bit. Let’s start with what a ‘voice’ is in writing. In literature ‘voice’ refers to the rhetorical mixture of vocabulary, tone, point of view and syntax that makes phrases, sentences and paragraphs flow in a particular manner. Thank you, google.

Therefore in this context voice is about how you communicate. So again, as I sat down to write these blog posts, I wondered: ‘What is my voice?’, ‘What does my voice sound like?’. And you might be wondering; ‘What in the devil’s name has all these musings have to do with foundation repair?’ Well, the answer in itself is quite simple. And for that I have to go back yet again, but this time so we can get acquainted.

Hi! My name’s Albert, and I am the newest member of the iFix family. The purpose of this post is, as mentioned earlier, to get acquainted as well as introducing the rebooted IFix Construction blog, which from this moment on I will be in charged of.

Now you might be wondering about the last time the name of the writer of a blog of a construction company mattered of all things. Truth is, most of the time it doesn’t. And as long as the articles themselves fulfill their intended purpose, that is all that should matter. So this takes me back to the opening questions regarding ‘my voice’.

In my experience, albeit brief, I have seen one absolute constant in construction companies’ blogs. And that its how ‘impersonal’ they are. Ok, let me just rephrase that. I think ‘neutral’ would be a better word. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is, after all, completely understandable. Their function is to convey the information as clearly and directly as possible. Get the message through.

And that is all well and good. But one thing that I can, with all honesty, say about iFix is that we try and do things a little bit differently. So instead of me writing as neutrally as possible, we decided that we are going to try to do this as personally and warmly as possible. A one on one, shall we say. A direct, personal communication between us and you with no filters in between. This is what we like to call, the human touch. That is iFix in a nutshell.

And the first step to this is to establish an open line of communication. That is why, in this case, the name of the person behind these words, does matter. Knowing who you are talking to is essential to improve confidence and communication. And having gotten that out of the way, we finally reach the matter of the ‘voice’. So, if we are going to do this a one on one, what will my voice sound like as write these articles?. The goal of this blog was always clear, the way we were going to do it was always clear, so what are the characteristics that I will be using for my ‘voice’. And you can spin it around all you like, but the truth is that if we want to convey that human touch there is only one thing that can be done. To be myself and write as myself. So this is what we will try and do going forward.

Now a few paragraphs ago I mentioned the word ‘Rebooted’. (Does Hollywood have a monopoly of that word?) What do I mean by this? The answer is simple; the goal here is to keep this blog and its momentum alive. How will we achieve this? From this blogpost on (which will be accompanied by the first of these new full-length articles, so don’t forget to be on the look out for it) we will be posting new articles every first and third Thursday of each month. Now there are broadly five different categories that we will adhere to:

  • GENERAL THEMES. These are in regards to general information on Foundation and Foundation Repair.

  • MATERIALS. Learn the What, Why’s, What for’s as well as the direct comparisons of the different materials used in Foundation.

  • HUMAN TOUCH. Learn more about the real-life stories of our clients, directly from their voices.

  • TIPS / DIY. Articles providing useful tips as well as the occasional Do It Yourself.

  • DID YOU KNOW…? Providing miscellaneous themes of general interest that are tangentially related to Foundation Repair.

So, as you can see we are looking forward to be as constant and as varied as possible. But this is only half the work to achieve our goals. The other half is directly linked to you, and it has to do with me introducing myself by name and opening this communication channel. We want to hear from you and we cannot stress this enough. Any questions that you might have, any subject that you might be interested in knowing more of, any feedback you would like to provide we will welcome it like Obi-Wan welcomes the high ground. So ask away!

And now, having gotten that out the way: Hi, my name is Albert and I welcome you to the rebooted iFix construction blog. See you around?

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